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Industries We Serve

Voss Metals services and supplies manufacturers and melters of high-temperature and corrosion-resistant metals. These include large steel mills, induction melters, rolling mills, forgers, powder metal manufacturers, machine shops and fabricators of all sizes. All of these manufacturers either produce alloys that contain Co-Ni-Mo-W-Ti-Ta-Cb or generate scrap and residues that contain these elements.

THE INDUSTRIES WE SERVE include, but are by no means limited to the following:

  • Aerospace Industry
  • Defense and Munitions Manufacturer
  • Tool Steel Industry
  • Melters of Cobalt and Nickel Base Alloys
  • Induction Sand Foundries and Investment Casting Foundries
  • Medical Industry Manufacturers
  • Petrochemical Manufacturers
  • Heat Treating Operations and Heat Treat Furnace Manufacturers
  • Hard-Facing Industry
  • Tungsten Carbide Industry – Both Producers and Generators of WC Scrap
  • All Machine Shops that Serve the Above Industries

Since 1982, we have developed relationships with recyclers throughout the world that have allowed us to find the best markets for many difficult to sell scrap metals and residues. Our dedicated customers value our experience in this area. We are able to efficiently and confidently process scrap and market directly to the end consumer.

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Our Mission

We aspire to be the best source for quality metals and service in the alloy metals industry.